Our Services

Millwork &
Furniture Provision

Study client’s brief and design materials and specifications provided by client
Provide design concept drawing
Request for quotations from suppliers
Carry out cost planning
Provide detailed design and seek client confirmation
Develop prototype
Seek client confirmation
Quality testing
Onsite consultation (Optional)

We design and provide millwork and furniture to complement the overall aesthetics and conceptual elements of the interior layout of our clients.

As an initial step, we will prepare furniture design sketches, taking into account the overall design concept and available space. Further, materials to be used for the production of the millwork and furniture will be considered with reference to any environmental or regulatory requirements and specifications. Thereafter, detailed carpentry design will be developed and mockup will be fabricated as prototype for testing and further modifications. Once we have our client’s approval, we will commission our supplier to produce the millwork and furniture at our supplier’s production facilities. The millwork and furniture produced must meet the particular specifications requested by our clients. Upon satisfactory safety testing and quality-control assessment, the final products will be packaged for transportation to the store location of our clients. Our team will conduct onsite inspection together with our client on a needed basis and the millwork and furniture will be installed by local workers separately engaged by our clients. Finally, onsite testing and commissioning will be conducted to ensure proper installation and fitting.

The below photographs showcase examples of millwork and furniture that we provide to our clients:

Façade Development &

Carry out onsite survey
Study design materials and specifications from client
Carry out structural calculations and prepare drawing analysis
Carry out onsite measurement
Request for quotations from suppliers
Prototype mock-up and seek client validation
Façade fabrication and quality testing
Onsite consultation
Our design team carry out structural calculations and prepare blueprints for the façades required by our clients. We also carry out onsite measurement to verify the analysis and make alterations as appropriate.

Prior to fabrication and assembly of the facade, we perform quality assessments on the materials that are delivered to our supplier’s factories for fabrication as well as production methodology. The prototype will be mocked-up and upon the client’s confirmation, the facade is then fabricated and assembled based on the design drawings. Our fabricated products would thereafter be ready to be directly installed at the work sites. Pre-fabrication of the façades enables us to have close control over their quality and also helps to reduce any additional modifications required at the installation stage. Our team will conduct onsite survey and inspection together with our client on an as-need basis and the façade will be installed by local workers. Finally, onsite testing and commissioning will be conducted to ensure proper installation and fitting.

We partner with Wing Wo Curtainwall Engineering Limited, Merry Ocean Façade Technologies Limited and IMS Group Holdings Limited for façade business, our role is to liaise and coordinate projects overseas.
Partner with
IMS Group Holdings LimitedWing Wo Curtainwall Engineering LimitedMerry Ocean Facade Technologies

Interior Solutions

Millwork and furniture provision / Fit-out construction / Facade development and fabrication
Conduct design interview with client
Conduct site survey and site-marking
Request for quotations from suppliers
Seek client approval and procure materials
Carry out mechanical, electrical, construction and fit-out work
Quality check of off-site millwork
Installation of millwork and furniture
Joint site inspection
As a provider of bespoke interior design solutions, we are able to provide tailored services to our clients in Hong Kong and other Asian countries to fit their needs. Such services include not only millwork and design provision and facade development and fabrication services, but also fit-out construction services and the installation of millwork, furniture and facade for our clients.

In relation to our fit-out construction related work, we will conduct preliminary design interview with our client to clarify the general design concept once our quotation is confirmed. Initial site survey and site-marking will be carried out to facilitate a more detailed planning. We may be required to procure various materials depending on project requirements. We select materials for each project based on our clients’ specification, which is normally either cost or quality driven. The description and type of the proposed materials will be approved by our client prior to material procurement. Once approved by our client, we will issue purchase orders to the selected materials suppliers with the agreed specification of the materials, delivery schedule and terms of payment.

We have provided fit-out construction services as the main contractor of the relevant projects in Hong Kong. In relation to other Asian countries, we would engage local fit- out contractors to deliver the fit-out construction services to our clients for the relevant projects. At the construction stage, the fit-out work will be carried out by our sub-contractors or local contractors. Our foreman will be on-site to conduct quality check and inspection and to ensure our projects are progressing on schedule. All millwork, furniture and facade provided by our Company will be installed as the next step. Practical completion is reached upon client inspection and handover of the worksite.

Design & Project

Design planning based on client’s concept / Concept development and design planning (Study client’s business and philosophy and products line-up)
Site survey and analysis
Consider factors such as spatial arrangement, lighting, materials and security concerns
Prepare design brief, layout plan, materials and color boards
Review and fine-tune design based on client feedback
Seek client’s approval
Prepare design drawings
Revert design proposal or cost estimation

We provide interior design proposal for our clients based on our client’s concept, or derive a concept based on our client’s requirements.

Once a project is awarded, we will set up a dedicated project consultancy team and initiate discussions with our clients to understand their specific requirements or conceptual idea. Our design team will then conduct site survey and plan for the interior layout of the design, providing several design options while highlighting each of their pros and cons for our client’s consideration. Our design also covers the areas of mechanical and electrical planning, and the layout of furniture, decor and other appliances. Our design team utilizes advanced computer software to assist them with their technical drawings and 3D modeling. We will have continuous discussion with our client and modify the plan as necessary to address their specific needs before reverting the final design proposal along with the cost estimation. We aim to deliver a safe, functional, attractive and creative design proposal to our clients with the combination of our designers’ creativity and technical knowledge.

The below photographs showcase examples of design proposal that we provide to our clients: